CE / CPD Training

Compassion Understood provides accredited online pet loss support training for any members of the veterinary team both in the UK and USA

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Pet Cremation

PCS - Pet Cremation Services have many years' experience of providing caring and professional crematoria with bereavement help & support throughout the UK

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Exit Solutions

No doubt you may have been contacted previously regarding selling all or part of your business and maybe the timing wasnt right for you to consider

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The Power Is In The Partnerships

Ripple XRP - A world revolution in cross border payments

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Pawpals® Impression Kit

Easier to Use Than Traditional Clay Paw Print Kits Pawpals® is unlike traditional clay imprints because it is one-step, instant, and easy to use. There is no kneading, mixing, baking or drying. Just lift the case frame, press the paw into the unique mold material and you’ve made a lasting memory! Each kit includes an […]

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August Equity

Doing good business is all about bringing the right people together. August Equity doesn’t just invest in businesses. It helps people to build them. Find out more here about the August Equity team. [Read more..] August Equity invests in service-oriented companies in high-growth sectors of the UK mid-market including healthcare, education, business services and technology. […]

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Component Videos

The Compassion Understood course components contain various learning materials including videos from experts and pet owners. Learn how to: ◦Retain more clients ◦Provide exceptional end-of-life support ◦Communicate sensitively and knowledgably ◦Reduce compassion fatigue ◦Improve your practice morale ◦Get ahead of your competition Participants will receive a Downloadable certificate on

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Pet Cremation Services (PCS)

Pet Cremation Services (PCS) has built a strong reputation amongst veterinarians and is known for pioneering individual cremations for domestic animals in a market where historically mass cremation was the default option. PCS operates in a highly fragmented market dominated by small, family-owned businesses. There are approximately 100 plus pet cremation and clinical waste providers […]

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