August Equity

Doing good business is all about bringing the right people together. August Equity doesn’t just invest in businesses. It helps people to build them. Find out more here about the August Equity team. [Read more..]

August Equity invests in service-oriented companies in high-growth sectors of the UK mid-market including healthcare, education, business services and technology. Fast-changing sectors offer clear drivers for growth such as changing demographics, market changes, new regulations and legislation, social trends and technological developments. These dynamics give businesses vital opportunities to grow and to sustain that growth in the long-term.

August Equity typically works with family-owned, founder-managed businesses. It backs people with great vision, a powerful drive to build their business and a genuinely innovative idea that offers the market something new. The process of deciding whether to invest in a potential industry or business involves deep analysis and assessment mapping industries, markets and sub-sectors, and investigating peers and competitors from all angles. As a result, by the time August Equity talks to a vendor about a potential investment, it can deliver a well-informed, creative, considered proposal.
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