Pet Cremation Services (PCS)

Pet Cremation Services (PCS) has built a strong reputation amongst veterinarians and is known for pioneering individual cremations for domestic animals in a market where historically mass cremation was the default option.

PCS operates in a highly fragmented market dominated by small, family-owned businesses. There are approximately 100 plus pet cremation and clinical waste providers in the UK, with PCS regarded as the market-leading pet cremation services business. There are a number of key drivers of the pet cremation market, all of which support ongoing positive growth for the industry
• Strong growth of the veterinary services market
• Overall pet population growing annually
• Humanisation of the pet
• Consumer preference away from mass pet cremation towards individual pet cremation

August Equity’s investment in PCS builds on considerable knowledge of the animal health sector gained through investments in IVC, Origin and VetPartners. The PCS management team has successfully grown the business both organically and through acquisitions and are always happy to discuss the potential of any crematorium owner looking to join our expanding network and share in our success.

Explore the opportunities
I understand that that not one size fits all and that you as an owner will have different aspirations. It is with that in mind that we are offering very flexible options to support owners in realising their aspirations for both themselves and their loyal emploees, wheather selling the whole of the business and continuing to work there or leaving. You can contact me in absolute confidence should you wish to explore the opportunities of your business, contact me on 01604 740220 or use the contact form.

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