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Compassion Understood has put together a training programme for the whole practice team to provide an integrated and comprehensive approach to pet loss support in practice. The course has three components. The first two components consider the veterinary journey through end-of-life care whilst the third is focused on the pet owner’s journey

Component 1The 4th lifestage, or the period of time running up to a pet’s death
Component 1 is focused on the 4th lifestage, or the period of time running up to a pet’s death. This includes modules on the clinical aspects of assessing Quality of Life, decision-making around end-of-life, pre-euthanasia preparation and palliative and animal hospice care.

Component 2the period around final farewells
Component 2 is focused on the period around final farewells, including best-practice euthanasia and afterlife care.
Components 1 and 2 also teach about the emotional and psychological aspects of losing a pet so that the veterinary team can best support their clients. Our research has shown that practice teams can often be lost for words with what to say at this time to give comfort, and will sometimes avoid saying anything for fear of upsetting their client. We give guidance on communication at this sensitive time. There is also advice and guidance on preventing or dealing with compassion fatigue or emotional depletion amongst team members. This is an area that practice managers and owners may wish to particularly study.

Component 3the pet owner’s journey
Component 3 is focused on the pet owner’s journey; from their contact with reception staff with queries about euthanasia and pet loss, to the practical environmental and protocol-driven aspects that will make client support exceptional.

Flexible and Affordable
The programme is designed to be flexible, so that the practice can tailor the training either by individual components or as part of our popular Practice Plans to best fit their skills or development needs. Our training advisors can provide guidance on the choice of components for each practice team member, to ensure that the overall practice approach to pet loss is comprehensive, seamless and a joint effort.

Multi Platform Delivery
The training programme is delivered online on a multitude of platforms to allow participants to work in their own time and at their own pace.The content has been written by renowned veterinary experts in pet loss and in communication and client care. The learning approaches and delivery have been designed by our educational consultant, to ensure that the quality of teaching and the ability to integrate the knowledge into every-day practice life, through reflective learning, is prioritised and optimised.

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