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Today the world sends more than $155 trillion* across borders. Yet, the underlying infrastructure is dated and flawed. Ripple connects banks, payment providers and digital asset exchanges via RippleNet to provide one frictionless experience to send money globally. *McKinsey, Global Payments Industry Study, 2016

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  • Finally…A Better Payment Experience: Sarinya’s Story June 21, 2019
    Pay Forward: "Sarinya" from Ripple Video on Vimeo. Pay Forward is a new video series from Ripple that highlights the stories of people around the world directly impacted by cross-border payments. Eight of the top ten countries using mobile payments can be found in Asia. According to a recent survey conducted by PwC, a staggering […]
    Team Ripple
  • Ripple Announces Strategic Partnership with Money Transfer Giant, MoneyGram June 17, 2019
    Ripple has agreed to enter into a strategic partnership with MoneyGram (NASDAQ: MGI), one of the world’s largest money transfer companies. Through this partnership, which will have an initial term of two years, Ripple would become MoneyGram’s key partner for cross-border payment and foreign exchange settlement using digital assets. In conjunction with the partnership, Ripple […]
    Team Ripple
  • Global Payments Shouldn’t Be Stressful: Joyce’s Story June 16, 2019
    Pay Forward: "Joyce" from Ripple Video on Vimeo. Pay Forward is a new video series from Ripple that highlights the stories of people around the world directly impacted by cross-border payments. According to the Philippine government, over 2.3 million Filipinos left the country to work overseas in 2018. But for many, their family and friends […]
    Team Ripple
  • Remittance Innovation in ASEAN Is Changing Lives for Workers Living Abroad June 13, 2019
    The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) continues to make its case as one of the world’s most exciting testing grounds for blockchain, cross border payments, and digital assets. Ripple has been part of much of this pioneering work with partners like SBI Remit, CIMB Group, Siam Commercial Bank, Mitsubishi Corporation and Standard Chartered, the […]
    Team Ripple
  • Ripple Officially Launches Operations in Brazil June 11, 2019
    Ripple’s enterprise blockchain solutions enable a better user experience with more agility, transparency and lower cost for cross-border payments. Ripple, the global leader in enterprise blockchain solutions for cross-border payments, launches operations in Brazil to expand its footprint in South America. In addition, Ripple is also bringing on seasoned fintech entrepreneur and executive Luiz Antonio […]
    Team Ripple
  • The Ripple Drop – Episode 13 June 7, 2019
     Welcome to Episode 13 of The Ripple Drop, a web video series covering the latest news about Ripple’s customers, technology, products and culture. In this month’s episode, we’re back at Ripple’s San Francisco headquarters to dive deep into RippleNet and on-demand liquidity. For our first interview, Senior Market Intelligence Manager Pegah Soltani gives a […]
    Reinhard Cate
  • Delivering on the Future: Ginger Baker and the Internet of Value Take Center Stage at Money20/20 Europe June 5, 2019
    In Monday’s Money20/20 Europe panel entitled, “How Do You Benchmark Innovation in 2019,” moderator Kristian Luoma, Head of OP Lab at OP Financial Group, kicked off the discussion with an open-ended question: What does innovation mean to you? Ripple Senior Director of Product Ginger Baker answered quickly, “Innovation is about delivering the future.” She continued, […]
    Team Ripple
  • Raising the Bar: Reporting on Volume and Sales of XRP June 3, 2019
    In recent months, several third-party sources have called into question reported volume in digital asset markets. The recent SEC report from Bitwise is perhaps the most widely cited, but several others, including the Blockchain Transparency Institute and Data Accountability & Transparency Alliance (DATA), have also issued reports suggesting exaggerated numbers and overall inaccuracy in the […]
    Team Ripple
  • Interoperability Is the Key to Unlocking the Network of Networks June 2, 2019
    The power of blockchain to reduce friction and enhance trust between two parties on either side of a business transaction is already having a major commercial impact. Digital assets lesson the need for expensive counterparties in these transactions; instead, they can trust a digital asset to move money before it reaches its destination. The faster […]
    Team Ripple
  • Banking the Unbanked: FinTech Is Improving Life for Billions of People May 31, 2019
    At a recent Ripple Regional customer event for Middle East and North Africa (MENA), two separate speakers highlighted the ability of fintech innovation to deliver social impact for historically underserved populations. Not only do these insights underscore the need for new digital banking and cross-border payment tools in the regions, but also provided better understanding […]
    Team Ripple
  • An Update on the Regulatory Climate in the UAE May 29, 2019
     The global regulatory climate for blockchain and digital assets has exhibited great variability and volatility over the prior decade. But at a recent Ripple Regional customer event for Middle East and North Africa (MENA), panel participants explored a new thought leadership-driven regulatory approach from Abu Dhabi Global Markets (ADGM)— an approach that represents more […]
    Team Ripple
  • Adding Value to Cross-Border Payments Is Why MoneyNetInt Runs on Ripple May 24, 2019
    Since 2004, MoneyNetInt has provided a wide range of financial services for clients across the world. One of the company’s main offerings is low-cost cross-border payments, which is crucial for companies operating in a global market. MoneyNetint joined RippleNet to make its global payments platform even more efficient and secure by deploying the latest blockchain […]
    Team Ripple
  • Launching a New Remittance Corridor from Saudi Arabia to India May 20, 2019
     India received the most remittance volume in the world in 2018 at $79 billion, making it a critical and highly desirable corridor for many financial service providers in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. At a recent Ripple Regional customer event for MENA, Ripple’s Navin Gupta led a discussion exploring the origin, […]
    Team Ripple
  • On Campus: IIT Bombay Helps Build Blockchain Applications with Transparency, Provenance and Integrity May 17, 2019
    In this edition of On Campus, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay Professor R.K. Shyamasundar says the study of blockchain will help nurture a coming generation of entrepreneurs comfortable with building applications at scale and across industries. As part of our discussion on IIT Bombay and its participation in Ripple’s University Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI), […]
    Team Ripple
  • A Network of Networks Will Unleash the True Value of Blockchain May 14, 2019
    Despite all the hype, most people still think of blockchain in terms of its potential. We’re told that blockchain-enabled peer-to-peer payments and smart contracts could mean the end of banks and lawyers. Yet with so few successful projects in production today, such claims won’t become a reality anytime soon. To truly understand the transformative power […]
    Team Ripple
  • The Ripple Drop – Episode 12 May 6, 2019
     Welcome to Episode 12 of The Ripple Drop, a web video series covering the latest news about Ripple’s customers, technology, products, and culture. In this month’s episode, we’re on the ground at Ripple Regionals: MENA in Dubai. First up, Senior Associate Amy Hirth discusses takeaways from the recent Ripple Regionals customer event in Dubai. […]
    Reinhard Cate
  • Ripple Partners with Ria Money Transfer to Power Instant Global Payments May 1, 2019
    Ria Money Transfer, a subsidiary of Euronet Worldwide, has joined RippleNet to enable instant, blockchain-powered global payments. With customers in over 155 countries, more than 377,000 locations worldwide, and $40 billion in money transfer volume per year, Ria is one of the largest payment service providers in the world. By joining RippleNet’s network of 200+ […]
    Team Ripple
  • Ripple Welcomes Yoshitaka Kitao to Its Board of Directors April 26, 2019
    The Representative Director, President and CEO of SBI Holdings, Inc. Yoshitaka Kitao will be joining Ripple’s Board of Directors. Having served as the head of dozens of companies throughout his career, Mr. Kitao brings to the board extensive leadership experience and knowledge of global financial markets. “Blockchain and digital assets are changing the way we […]
    Team Ripple
  • Q1 2019 XRP Markets Report April 24, 2019
    Ripple sold $169.42 million of XRP in Q1 2019 Ripple’s Q1 sales accounted for 0.32 percent of global XRP volume Three billion XRP were released out of cryptographic escrow, 2.30 billion returned to escrow XRP is now listed on approximately 120 exchanges worldwide   Sales Summary (dollars in millions) Q4 2018 Q1 2019 Institutional direct […]
    Team Ripple
  • Digital Assets in Thailand: Restriction to Regulation in Just Three Months April 23, 2019
     When the Bank of Thailand (BoT) banned the country’s banks from offering services to cryptocurrency exchanges in early 2018, many people were surprised that this tech-literate and forward-thinking country was taking such an extreme approach. But as Archari Suppiroj, Director of the FinTech Department at the Thai Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), told the […]
    Team Ripple